Choose the fantasy site your hockey pool is administered through. Selecting Draft Kings or Fan Duel pre-populates the skater and goalie statistics based on their default points structures.
Custom Fantasy Hockey Rankings Tool

Each league has its own fantasy hockey scoring system. So why use the same generic fantasy hockey ratings as everyone else? With Chirp Hockey there is a better way to determine the best fantasy players for your own specific fantasy hockey scoring system. Our fantasy tools include the most accurate, custom fantasy rankings tool, that shows which NHL players would be the most beneficial in your pool. So stop the guessing game and add the ultimate fantasy tool to your fantasy tool box. Try Chirp Hockey’s custom fantasy rankings for your hockey pool this season.
The Ultimate in Fantasy Draft Tools

It’s a revolution in fantasy hockey tools. Unlike traditional rankings, Chirp Hockey’s custom fantasy rankings let you take hockey stats to a whole other, customized, level. Does your pool include points for penalty minutes? Does it favour short-handed goals? Does it give extra points for defenseman goals? Now you can reflect these nuances in a totally custom fantasy rankings list, which can have a huge impact on your draft, your season, and most importantly, your chances of winning your pool.
Using Chirp Hockey’s Custom Fantasy Rankings

Chirp Hockey uses the latest and most accurate source data for all NHL stats, and a mathematical calculation that lets you completely customize your custom fantasy rankings based on your league’s individual fantasy hockey scoring system. To get the absolute best shot at winning your pool, you must correctly input your fantasy hockey scoring settings for the season – so pay close attention when entering them. Once you’re done, you will have armed yourself with the most accurate fantasy draft tool available: Chirp Hockey’s custom fantasy rankings.

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